Somil Gupta

Hello there, traveller of the web. Welcome to my digital garden!

I'm Somil, founding Member at Telematica. A full-time Fullstack + veteran VUI Developer.

I am on a journey as a tech + travel blogger, exploring new places, learning new things and sharing insights on cultures, people, and history worldwide. 🌍

Digital Garden

A little bit about me :)

I pursued my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at a prestigious college in Goa. While Goa is often associated with parties and booze, I was studying there, you know :)

After graduation in 2021, I started working as a Software Developer, currently at Over the years, my journey in the software engineering field has been nothing but an adventure. The constant innovation and problem-solving nature of this field keeps me on my toes, and I live on the challenges it presents.

When I'm not immersed in software development, you can often find me exploring new destinations. From the Himalayan peaks in the north to the scenic beauty of Kerala in the south, I continue experiencing the incredible diversity my country offers. And I have recently started exploring South Asian countries near India.

That's me in the sky!!

Travelling is when I truly feel alive; the thrill of exploring new places, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, and learning about their culture and history is where my heart finds its rhythm. It's not just about the destinations; it's about the journey itself, the unending adventures, and the stories waiting to be written. Overall, that's me.

I will share only one line with you that I always carry with me.

"This too shall pass. It won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time."

Happy me while travelling

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